Snow conditions history for Oil Creek State Park

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

16 February 2020

The skiing today was fun and spring like. No-wax skis were the ticket. We enjoyed seeing some ski friends too. the conditions deteriorated a bit by the end of the day. Tomorrow may be it for awhile. Early morning may be icy but don't wait too long to get out there or you'll miss it. HUGE SHOUT OUT to the ski trail work crew. If it wasn't for your efforts over the years of putting in culverts, digging drainage ditches, cutting trees and trimming, digging out rocks and roots, etc. we would not have been able to ski with the minimal snow we've received these past few years. This weekend was made possible because of you. (you know who you are) MUCH THANKS!
Margaret Sims7:39 pm 16 February 2020

15 February 2020

The skiers who came to oil Creek today all reported decent conditions. The trails are packed with skied in tracks, trees were cleared, and there are a few wet spots but otherwise good to go. Get out while you can!!
Margaret Sims5:20 pm 15 February 2020

15 February 2020

John is at Oil Creek and is packing the trail and cutting out trees but he is unable to set track.  However, it's the best chance of getting in a ski so far this year. Hope to see you out there over the long weekend.
Margaret Sims8:34 am 15 February 2020

14 February 2020

We aren't exactly sure what the conditions are at the park but the cold temps have dried things up and we got a couple more inches of snow. So John is going in the morning with the grooming equipment to check things out and hopefully be able to groom. Watch for an update in the morning and say a little prayer!
Margaret Sims7:11 pm 14 February 2020

8 February 2020

Well sorry to say we didn't get much more snow since yesterday so there is only about 3" at Oil Creek.  It would be skiable but not good grooming conditions and the forecast is calling for warmer temps. If you decide to ski at Oil Creek, expect wet spots and downed trees.  We suggest staying on the upper trails. We miss seeing all our snow friends.
Margaret Sims8:22 am 8 February 2020

7 February 2020

After starting from scratch again, we currently have only received 2-3" of snow at Oil Creek. Unfortunately there is not enough snow to groom the trails yet.  It is still snowing lightly so we will just have to wait and see what happens between now and tomorrow morning. 
Margaret Sims3:36 pm 7 February 2020

20 January 2020

We only received about another inch or two of snow yesterday. The cold has helped to dry things up a bit so the trails are skiable but unfortunately not groomable.  We advise staying off the hills and suggest skiing the Blue and White trails on top. 
Margaret Sims7:50 am 20 January 2020

19 January 2020

Yesterday and last night brought us a mixed mess of snow, sleet, rain, and snow. What we have now is 2" of hard cement like crust with wet underneath and 1" of light snow on top. We have the start of a good base but John is unable to groom until the wet drains and freezes and we get more snow. We will wait and see what happens today. Stay tuned.
Margaret Sims8:07 am 19 January 2020

18 January 2020

Keep your fingers crossed! Snow, rain, snow is predicted for today and tonight.  We have about 1-2" now and snowing.  We are hoping for a lot more! Check in with us tomorrow morning for an update.--
Margaret Sims11:21 am 18 January 2020

2 January 2020

Happy New Year XC Ski Friends! We are off to a slow start of winter at Oil Creek and are anxiously awaiting a good big snow fall. When that happens, we will let you know. Trail fees remain the same at $5 for a day pass and $40 for a season pass. The honor box will come into effect as soon as grooming begins. We will be at the ski hut on weekends and holidays so we hope to see you on the trails soon.
Margaret Sims7:20 pm 2 January 2020

19 December 2019

Currently there is not enough snow at Oil Creek. Only about 2-3 inches and ground needs to freeze. Will update when we groom!
Margaret Sims3:29 pm 19 December 2019