Snow conditions history for Oil Creek State Park

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

26 December 2020

All trails are packed. No track set. There are a few wet spots which should freeze up overnight.  The light snow on top should make for nice skiing and the scenery is beautiful with the snow on the trees. Sunday will be a good day to enjoy the ski trails at Oil Creek.
Margaret Sims7:51 pm 26 December 2020

26 December 2020

Merry White Christmas! The rain we had wiped out our snow so we are starting over with the 5" of new fluffy snow we just got from Santa. Cold temperatures help but it's still pretty wet underneath. John is at the Park preservation packing the trails but there is not enough snow to set track yet. Hopefully we will get more as the flurries are still coming down.
Margaret Sims10:48 am 26 December 2020

19 December 2020

Thanks to everyone who helped make Opening Day at oil Creek a huge success. We especially thank our hopeful and loyal season pass holders for their support! Skiing was fun today! Way better than anything we had last year! As it got warmer the tracks began to thin but it is easy to ski around these spots. It will still be skiable tomorrow especially if we get a bit of snow tonight.  Earlier skiing will be the best. Get out while you can! --
Margaret Sims7:29 pm 19 December 2020

18 December 2020

Tomorrow is Opening Day for Sun Valley Nordic at Oil Creek State Park.  We will be there to sell passes and the ski hut will be open. We are asking skiers to wear masks and social distance when others are in the ski hut. Thanks! All the trails were all packed and track set on the majority of trails on Thursday. There has been no new snow on the original 6-7".  We suggest skiing earlier rather than later as the temperatures will be warming as the day goes on.  Get out for this early season ski while you can! Hope to see you this weekend!
Margaret Sims7:54 pm 18 December 2020

17 December 2020

John was out grooming all day and reports all trails are packed. There are no wet spots but the snow isa little thin under the hemlocks. Tacks are set on the green, blue, and white trails up top. Part of the red is tracked but  because of warmer temps near the end of the day he was unable to finish the tracks on red.  Looks good for the next couple days.   If we aren't there, please use the honor box to deposit your trail fee.  We appreciate it if you fill out the envelope so we know who's been there and for our demographics for our end of season report. Thanks!
Margaret Sims7:40 pm 17 December 2020

17 December 2020

We received 10.5 inches of snow here in Venus and are hoping there is that much at the Park. John had to plow us out this morning but is headed to Oil Creek to groom the ski trails today. The Honor box will be up for trail fees which remain at $5.00 for day pass and $40 for season pass. Looks like Opening Day will be Saturday and we hope to see all our ski friends then. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Margaret Sims9:00 am 17 December 2020