Snow conditions history for Blue Knob

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

6 March 2021

Golf Course groomed this morning. Granular Surface, decent spring skiing.
Joyce Grow11:47 am 6 March 2021

27 February 2021

Friday's ski report. Skiing was fast, trails were icy and hard packed. Weather for today is warmer and a few showers. Tonight will be a full moon. Native American tribes call February's full moon the "Snow Moon" because of the heavy snowfall this time of year. We have been fortunate to have a lot of snow this season. Let's hope for a March Snow Storm.
Joyce Grow7:07 am 27 February 2021

24 February 2021

Ski Conditions at the Knob this morning was excellent. Trails and golf course nicely groomed. Afternoon conditions might get a little sticky with the warmer weather and sun. Carry some wax.
Joyce Grow2:34 pm 24 February 2021

23 February 2021

Good Conditions today at the knob. Woods at some branches down due to the heavy snow on the trees over the week-end. Groomer was out around 4 pm and set tracks. Low 30's today.
Joyce Grow8:52 pm 23 February 2021

19 February 2021

Groomers got out last evening on the golf course and some of the wooded area. The Knob received 4-7 inches of new snow. Should be a great week-end of skiing. If needing rentals, please call ahead. 814-239-1023
Joyce Grow9:01 am 19 February 2021

18 February 2021

Trails are not groomed as of yesterday. Would only recommend snowshoes until grooming is done. Will update as soon as the groomers get out.
Joyce Grow10:48 am 18 February 2021

15 February 2021

Excellent Conditions on Sunday. Well groomed in the woods and on the golf course. Lots of snow. Hopefully the Knob will get snow today and not the freezing rain that some areas are reported to get.
Joyce Grow8:23 am 15 February 2021

7 February 2021

What can I say, it is Ground-Hog Day. Every day is the same. Excellent Cross County Skiing. Nicely groomed on the golf course, areas are groomed in the wooded area. It is presently snowing at the Knob. Ski hut is open for rentals. Might want to call ahead to reserve your rentals. 814-239-1023 Good Food and beverages at the Clubhouse.
Joyce Grow9:03 am 7 February 2021

5 February 2021

Great day of skiing at the Knob. 2-3 inches of new snow overnight. Golf course is groomed, some of the back woods is groomed. Groomer is having some difficulty getting through the deep snow in the woods, will be doing more grooming on Saturday morning. Rentals are available this Saturday and Sunday at the ski hut by the golf course. The locals are saying this is the best X-County skiing in years at the Knob.
Joyce Grow6:39 pm 5 February 2021

2 February 2021

Lots of snow on the knob. Approximately 10 inches of new show. Groomers did not get a chance to get out yet. Very windy today. Take your deep powder skis. Enjoy!
Joyce Grow5:29 pm 2 February 2021

30 January 2021

Beautiful day of skiing. Trails are groomed and snow on the way! Clubhouse is open for food and beverages. If you need to rent ski equipment check in at the ski hut by the clubhouse.
Joyce Grow1:18 pm 30 January 2021

27 January 2021

Trails got groomed later today. Groomed trails are hard packed and fast. Non groomed trials have a crust like base with a layer of ice. Forecast is calling for more snow over the week-end!
Joyce Grow7:23 pm 27 January 2021

23 January 2021

Great day of skiing at the knob. Trails are groomed. Ski hut is open this week-end for rentals. Snowshoes are also available to rent. Conditions will be excellent all week-end. Dress warm and have fun!
Joyce Grow8:28 am 23 January 2021

19 January 2021

Several inches of new snow overnight. Was a great day to ski in the woods. Calling for more snow tonight, skiing will be good all week. Enjoy!
Joyce Grow10:43 am 19 January 2021

18 January 2021

Great ski conditions on Sunday. Groomed set tracks on the golf course. Several inches of new snow made for nice skiing in the woods. Today will be other great day of skiing. Ski hut is open for rentals. Enjoy the day!
Joyce Grow9:42 am 18 January 2021

16 January 2021

My husband and I spent the week skiing in Canaan Valley, WV. While at White Grass, Chip showed me a couple of new steps for my snow dance … IT WORKED! The knob received 3 inches of snow overnight and no rain. The winds are calm and the temperature remains on the mid 20s. The course is groomed. Ski equipment available to rent. Clubhouse is open for food and beverages. A great week-end to get out and ski!
Joyce Grow9:19 am 16 January 2021

11 January 2021

Another decent day of Skiing at the knob. Golf Course groomed both Saturday and Sunday. Still skiable in the wooded area. Happy to be skiing this many days. Maybe some snow later in the week!
Joyce Grow8:04 am 11 January 2021

8 January 2021

Good X-County ski day at the Knob. Golf Course is good, wooded area is still skiable. Hard packed surface on the golf course. No new snow. Temperature mid to upper 20's. If you need to rent ski equipment, the ski hut is open on Saturday and Sunday. Looks like a good week-end to get out and do some X-County Skiing!
Joyce Grow4:19 pm 8 January 2021

6 January 2021

Good X-County Ski Day at the Knob. 2 to 3 inches of new snow on a hard packed surface. Golf Course was excellent. Wooded area is skiable. Club House beside golf course is open for food and beverages.
Joyce Grow7:36 pm 6 January 2021

4 January 2021

First ski of 2012! Not bad considering the rain that we had over the week-end. Golf Course was nice, logging on the backside of the course. You can ski around the down trees. Backcountry could use more snow but, skiable. Snowing when we left!
Joyce Grow4:46 pm 4 January 2021

4 January 2021

First ski of 2021! Not bad considering the rain that we had over the week-end. Golf Course was nice. Backcountry could use more snow, but was skiable. was snowing when we left. Was great weather. Snowing a little when we left.
Joyce Grow4:33 pm 4 January 2021

27 December 2020

8 inches of hard packed snow. Fast skiing. Groomer was out this morning and make a loop on holes 1-4 on the golf course. Logging is taking place on the back side.
Joyce Grow8:25 am 27 December 2020

26 December 2020

Friday afternoon update: We got 1-2 inches of fresh snow on last night (Thursday night). We didn't lose our base, so conditions were fun this afternoon. There are some thin places. I would not recommend going down Jack's Run, but it was fine to climb.
Naomi Jarvis8:36 am 26 December 2020

23 December 2020

Several inches of new snow and almost no melt. Good skiing. Hopefully minimal rain and more snow!
Joyce Grow5:19 pm 23 December 2020

19 December 2020

Another great day of skiing at the Knob. Trails are groomed. I talked with the groomers today and the golf course will be groomed for skate skiing.
Joyce Grow7:42 pm 19 December 2020

18 December 2020

Excellent conditions today. The Knob received a foot of snow on Wed. Golf Course is groomed and a lot of the woodland area is groomed. Nordic Center is open on the week-ends. Please check in. Rental equipment available at Nordic Center. Joyce Grow 7:15 pm 18 December 2020
Joyce Grow7:13 pm 18 December 2020