Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group workdays 2018

PACCSA members make an enormous contribution to the Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group's work. The Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group is formed of several outdoor organizations who enjoy recreation at Laurel Summit and Laurel Mountain and are willing to help to maintain and improve those places for everyone to enjoy.  

The work days planned for 2018 are 


Register as a DCNR volunteer to save time on the day and receive email updates.

Trail love days at Oil Creek

Help keep the Oil Creek trails awesome!  There are hiking/ski trail work days on Sundays May 20 and June 3.  We will be picking up branches, trimming, cleaning culverts, doing ditch work, or whatever we find.  Bring your favorite trail tools and a friend!  Volunteers make a HUGE difference to the trails in the park.  Thanks! 

More info on the friends of oil creek page


Summer storage ski waxing

Spring is here, the webcams are on vacation and it's time to get your favorite skis cleaned and put away for the summer!  Here are some instructions on summer ski care from Madshus.  Recently people have been advising against cleaning by warm-scraping skis as many skiers have been over-enthusiastic with this, resulting in base damage.  Using a medium-hard wax for storage is a good choice in PA as it's often the wax of the day for the first snow of the next season.

Webcam aestivation

The webcam will be back next winter

PACCSA's webcams are now dormant for the summer. 

Thank you to the webcam managers who have tended them throughout the winter and everyone who has donated to their upkeep.

PACCSA rollerskiers

We have email and garmin connect groups for PACCSA rollerskiers, and a few of us meet in or near Pittsburgh most weeks. Let us know if you'd like to join us.

You might enjoy this beginner's guide from's Mark Vosburgh, the longer rollerskiing guide from AXCS, or this amazing agility training video from CXC.