First Laurel Ridge Trail Clear a Success!

Last Saturday was a bit of a dreary day at the Laurel Ridge XC Skiing Center, but the heavy rains stopped just before the trail clear got underway.  Eleven hearty PACCSA volunteers braved the wet and chilly conditions to remove fallen trees, large limbs and other debris from the trail system.  In the end, virtually every trail was cleaned up and readied for the 2014/2015 ski season. 

Andy Smith and Bob Ruppel from the Ski Concession provided all of PACCSA's volunteers with a delicious lunch which included homemade chili, grilled burgers, hot dogs, and warm apple cider.  In addition, everyone earned a trail ticket for helping out.  PACCSA extends a special thanks to the following volunteers who braved the weather to help accomplish this back-breaking work:

Kevin Craig, Norb Duritsa, James Fenn, Kate Fissel, Naomi Jarvis, Brian Joly, Gene Parsons, Jim South, Matthew South, Traci Torrence and George Wolf.   

For those who couldn't make it, there will be another trail clear at the Laurel Ridge XC Skiing Center on November 16th from 10 AM until 3 PM.  We'll provide more information on this event in the coming weeks. 

Think snow! 

NNF - Drive for 25


The Drive for 25 is the grassroots funding program for American nordic skiing at a national level.  The National Nordic Foundation picks up the tab for much of the training and racing costs of young and upcoming athletes and also the US Nordic B Team.  More information here.


Laurel Ridge Trail Days 2014

Laurel Ridge XC Ski Center are planning 2 trail clear days for 2014, Oct 18th and Nov 16th.

For more information see the Laurel Ridge XC Ski Center on facebook or contact

Birkie 2015 registrations nearly full

Oct 23: Closing tonight! Here's the history: Sept 30: 750 spots are still open, this seems like a lot, but most waves are now closed.  Oct 8: down to 500.  Oct 22: 100. 

50 spots are reserved for JDRF fundraisers.

Read more here


Pittsburgh Meetup Group

Check out this new Pittsburgh cross country skiers meetup group (sponsored by PACCSA). 

"Let's get organized so when we're skiing at the same place at the same time, we can ski TOGETHER!"

National Bike Challenge 2014

This year we have a PACCSA team for the national bike challenge!  If you ride a bike during the summer, please join the team.  Log your miles and watch your place on the PACCSA leaderboard and the team's place on the national team leaderboard.  It's all in fun, and if you pass through Pittsburgh you can stop in at OTB cafe and pick up a free beer, thanks to their pedal for pints program, if you've earned one (the first one is easy).  You'll need to create an account on, but if you already log your exercise using endomondo or mapmyrun, the bike challenge site can sync with those automatically.

Grooming equipment grant from Westmoreland County

PACCSA wishes to thank the Westmoreland County Tourism Grant Program for a grant of $2000 towards the purchase of additional grooming equipment for Laurel Mountain.  The grant is administered through the Laurel Highlands Visitor Bureau.

Webcam grant from Somerset County

PACCSA wishes to thank the Somerset County Tourism Grant Program for a grant of $1839 towards the replacement of the webcam equipment at Laurel Mountain.  The grant is administered through the Laurel Highlands Visitor Bureau.


PACCSA Rollerskiers

Who's interested in forming a rollerski group?  When and where do you like to rollerski?  Let us know!

You might enjoy reading this beginner's guide from's Mark Vosburgh, or this longer rollerskiing guide from AXCS.