Summer training - 2016 edition

Beach skiing

What did you do as summer training? 

So far we have evidence of an extreme resistance workout from Naomi Jarvis - there just wasn't enough snow in PA last winter, Jim Anglin on a gut-busting bike race in WV, Robert Kaschak with his medal from the Pittsburgh Adventure Triathlon and James Fenn in the start lines for a rollerski race.

Let's see what everyone else has been getting up to.   If you have any pictures to share, please send us a note!

PACCSA rollerskiers

PACCSA set a new record for the number of rollerskiers on one Pittsburgh street after yesterday's picnic.  Thanks to Alan Hough of Skike PA and PACCSA Board members Jim South and Naomi Jarvis for sharing their rollerski gear.

If you are interested in rollerskiing, let us know!  We have email and garmin connect groups for PACCSA rollerskiers, and a few of us meet in or near Pittsburgh most weeks.

National Bike Challenge 2016

There's still time to join the National Bike Challenge - look for team PACCSA.  We are currently team #351 nationally and #7 in Pittsburgh, with over 2000 miles logged.  Your bicycle miles can be entered on the challenge website directly, or synced automatically from Endomondo, MapMyRide and Strava.

Laurel Mountain - firewood ready already

PACCSA members Elizabeth Beech, Mike Blessington, Bruce Cox, Jim Logan and Bob Mazur worked hard at the Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group work day on June 4, splitting an enormous heap of logs into firewood to keep skiers warm next winter.  Elizabeth said, "It was a great group of people to work with and we made a pretty good team. I'm so glad to get the chance to contribute to the places I get to play in.  I had a blast." 

Join the fun at the next LMVG workday on August 13.