Ski Saturday in NYC

NYC rollerskiers

The Ski Saturday group in NYC are starting up a weekly continuously happening ski session every Saturday - the kind of thing that can go on even for one hundred years. 

Every Saturday people are showing up to ski and if there are visitors in NYC that know how to ski they will always have buddies here with gear that can lend them some for a ski session around Central Park and Harlem.

Visiting NYC and want to rollerski?  Contact Enrique.

Ski camps 2016

Thinking of getting a few days early season skiing with some expert coaching too?  If you're prepared to travel, then check these out


National Bike Challenge 2016 results

Kevin and his bike

Team PACCSA finished the challenge period (May-Sept) in 8th place locally and 348th nationally, with 7396 miles pedalled. Our #1 rider was Kevin Craig, who rode a glorious 3407 miles, followed by Mike Blessington, 1364 miles, and Paquita Txirrindulari, 1874 miles.

More info here

Summer training - 2016 edition

Dave and Mark after riding to Mars and back

What did you do as summer training? 

So far we have evidence of Dave Helwig and Mark Spear cycling to Mars to find a flying saucer, Nancy and Addy Barnes getting a SUP workout, Carlton Ketchum striding along the Eliza Furnace trail in Pittsburgh, beach skiing from Naomi Jarvis (there wasn't enough snow in PA last winter), Jim Anglin on a gut-busting bike race in WV, Robert Kaschak with his medal from the Pittsburgh Adventure Triathlon, and James Fenn in the start lines for a rollerski race.

PACCSA rollerskiers

PACCSA set a new record for the number of rollerskiers on one Pittsburgh street after yesterday's picnic.  Thanks to Alan Hough of Skike PA and PACCSA Board members Jim South and Naomi Jarvis for sharing their rollerski gear.

If you are interested in rollerskiing, let us know!  We have email and garmin connect groups for PACCSA rollerskiers, and a few of us meet in or near Pittsburgh most weeks.