PACCSA Laurel Mountain Grooming Project

As a member of PACCSA, one of the projects you support is the Laurel Mountain Grooming Project.

Started in January 2011 with borrowed and rented equipment, active members Bob Mazur, Mike Blessington, and Bruce Cox began grooming about 5km of trails at Laurel Mountain in cooperation with Ed Callahan, District Forester from the DCNR. Capital funding was provided by the Richard King Mellon Foundation, the Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation, and local donations. This funding was used to purchase a new 2013 Arctic Cat grooming snowmobile and Tidd Tech G2 groomer, shown in the photos below (click to enlarge). Membership fees and donations are used on an ongoing basis for operating costs.

In 2014 a grooming committee was formed and six volunteers shared the work of grooming almost 10km of trails.

This project is part of our goal to promote and develop the sport of nordic skiing in PA. Thanks to you, this project has been an overwhelming success.  Thank you!