New PACCSA teamwear

New PACCSA suit
New PACCSA jacket
New PACCSA hat

We will be ordering new suits and jackets in early Jan 2017 from Borah Teamwear, using these great designs from our talented designer, Colin Burch.  

You can find more details about the clothing using the links below.  The suits are $150, the team jackets are $100 and the OTW jackets are $160, plus a little extra for sizes 2XL and up, and the hats are $25.  The team jackets have a looser fit than the jacket in the images shown above.

Womens suit 

Mens suit

Team jacket (unisex) 

Womens OTW jacket

Mens OTW jacket

Tassel hat

Borah guarantee their size charts - if the new garment turns out to be the wrong size, they will replace it for you.  They stopped sending out size kits for people to try on, because repeated trying on was making the clothes stretch.  Instead, they will send us a 'quality kit', which is a set of everything above in one size (medium), so that we can inspect the clothes in real life, feel the fabric, and medium-sized people can try them on.  We will have this available in the first week of January.  

Info on how to order is here 

We would like to place the order on January 12, so please make sure that Rick has your order form and check before then.