Snow reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

Blue Knob

1/9/2018 7:30 pm. 28 degrees and calm. About 6 inches of snow on the golf course. Mostly good coverage, a few bare areas where the wind blew the snow away. No grooming, but just tracks made by other skiers. Because of warmer weather, the snow has a light crust on the top, with power underneath.
Jim Park 11:28pm 09 Jan 2018

Crystal Lake Ski Center

1/11/2018: Due to warm temps and rain, we will be closed until further notice.
Crystal Lake  Becca DeNicholas 4:49pm 11 Jan 2018

Laurel Mountain

6-7" in woods, all wet areas frozen up with some snow on top. Not enough too groom because of some areas did not catch all the snow. West side trails all skiable and some sking summit trail. Warmup coming so Sunday maybe ??
Bob Mazur 11:03am 19 Jan 2018

Laurel Ridge XC Ski Area

Trails still have good coverage and conditions were great today! Temps are falling now which will set up the trails nicely for tomorrow! Open Sunday 9-5pm.
Erica Smith 4:27pm 20 Jan 2018

North Woods and Roaring Run

With snow and cold temps through the week from Christmas, trail conditions in the North Woods (and Laurel Highlands in general) were already decent. Conditions should be excellent today for skiing and snowshoeing after the 8+ inches of fresh powder received yesterday and thought the night - it's a "winter wonderland" as we head into the New Year. Temperatures remain frigid so, remember to dress appropriately in layers, drink plenty of fluids and carry some spare energy food and essentials if you plan to be out long. Take Care!
Frank Delose 8:31am 31 Dec 2017

Oil Creek State Park

Saturday Fun Day! Tracks held up pretty well as the day warmed. It was good in shaded areas and thinning a bit in sunny areas but easy to ski around. Temps will hover around freezing tonight. The rain is not expected until late in the day so it looks like we will get another nice day in. Again, probably best to come early........
Margaret Sims 6:49pm 20 Jan 2018

White Grass

Glad been tossing rocks for 35 years in a row. 50 km open 20 km groomed. 6" new snow packed down to 1/2"-2". Razor thin yet scenic, cold, calm, sunny, and bluebird! Kids Clinic, bb biathlon, Nature SNowshoe Walks, Yoga in the Yurt, and our Annual Mtn State Marathon 1 pm Sunday for $20. Can skate or stride 2 km, 10 km or 25 km. Lots of prizes and a need for racers every year please! Will post the conditions as they change yet we are planning on running this event on our award winning snow farm if forced to.
White Grass  Chip Chase 8:26am 20 Jan 2018

Wilderness Lodge

Friday was sunny, a perfect skiing temperature with plenty of snow and well groomed trails. Tomorrow, the group form the Sight Center will be out early for their first ski adventure of the season. The Wildcat program with our seventy plus youths will begin at 10:30. We will be out marking the course for the Quad Ski Race which starts at 1:00 Sunday. The Snowshoe event follows closely, then the Kid’s Race. Come Ski! We have closed Secret and Wildcat Hallow to do some work for the race.
The Wilderness Lodge  Roger Janes 12:42am 20 Jan 2018