PACCSA members enjoy all aspects of cross-country skiing, from back-country exploration to casual skiing, touring and racing.  PACCSA works for the cross-country ski community throughout the year by

  • giving free ski lessons to the general public
  • providing for the next generation of skiers by supporting a youth ski team, the Yellowjackets
  • participating in trail maintenance at ski areas including Laurel Mountain and Laurel Ridge
  • grooming trails at Laurel Mountain
  • maintaining webcams at Laurel Ridge and Laurel Mountain
  • organizing an annual race
  • and providing information about cross-country skiing here and on facebook

Current Board members are:

  • Naomi Jarvis, President, Race Director, Website Manager, Lesson Coordinator
  • Jim South, Vice President, Yellowjackets, Webcams, Legal Advisor
  • Charles Nash, Newsletter Editor
  • Rick Garstka, Treasurer
  • Sally Smales, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Beech, Yellowjackets, Social Media
  • Brian Joly, Board Member At-Large
  • Bob Mazur, Trail Coordinator and Webcams

Previous Board members: Mike Blessington, Sheila Confer, Alice Cottone, Bruce Cox, Elly Fisher, David Jenkins, Kelly Kruper, Joanna Margaret and Denny McDonough.

Originally founded in 1983 as the Laurel Highlands Ski Touring Association, PACCSA changed its name in 1986 and became incorporated as a PA non-profit corporation in 2004.  Rick Garstka was President for 20 years from 1990 to 2010, when PACCSA gained a full Board of Directors. In 2012 PACCSA attained 501(c)(3) federal non-profit status.  Donations to PACCSA are now IRS tax-deductible items.