Snow conditions history for White Grass

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

25 January 2022

Snowing almost every day with an amazing weekend upcoming, have a good ski time while it's cold on the east coast! Enjoy! chip
Chip Chase8:21 am 25 January 2022

24 January 2022

Wonderful weekend gets better with snow on snow with snow. Enjoy our east coast cold spell and ski your legs off!
Chip Chase9:09 am 24 January 2022

23 January 2022

Stars lined up for a near perfect Saturday of sunny powder skiing. Special events, grooming, delicious cafe, how can one resist? 12" at 4000 feet this morning, out regrooming and ready for a little snowstorm and cold week ahead. Have fun out there everyone!
Chip Chase7:56 am 23 January 2022

22 January 2022

Dreamy xc skiing in the east, lots of coverage, cold, more snow in forecast this week, a full agenda of events and happy skiers! 16" at 4000 feet this mornin'. Snowfarm is snowcat groomed. Have a great weekend winter lovers!
Chip Chase7:56 am 22 January 2022

21 January 2022

2 inches of partly cloudy yesterday as we prepare for a very busy weekend filled with special events, powder skiing, warming temps, outdoor grill, and HAPPINESS! 16" at the 4000 foot stake at reporting time. Cheers!
Chip Chase8:32 am 21 January 2022

20 January 2022

Rain to snow has radically changed the powder to crust. About an inch of new. 6 to 14 inches snow. Grooming a lot! Full on Nordic ski center with sales, rentals, lessons, cafe, special events, 2500 acres and 1200 vertical. Top ten XC centers in the USA Today survey for a decade!
Chip Chase8:18 am 20 January 2022

19 January 2022

8" to 16" powder snow, most trails either groomed or foot packed, lots of drifts! amazing and our PURPLE POWDER ALERT continues! Cheers and get skiing while the iron is cold!
Chip Chase7:51 am 19 January 2022

18 January 2022

18" so far, powder paradise as we groom with the Piston Bully so the snowmobiles can get out there afterwards. 50 km open, 20 km groomed, winds seem to have died off and happy skiing to all!
Chip Chase7:40 am 18 January 2022

17 January 2022

9" new at dawn with a storm still raging....snow everywhere and have fun everyone!!! Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am with Chip Chase and Shrimp & Grits lunch special with Chef Owen. Yesh!
Chip Chase7:52 am 17 January 2022

16 January 2022

Snow Pharmacy to the rescue. Days of shoveling and grooming paid off for the Holiday skiers. Wndy and cold this am as we set up for the forecasted storm. Good luck with new skiing opportunities upcoming!
Chip Chase8:03 am 16 January 2022

15 January 2022

Snowfarm picture above where winds catch snow behind the fences. We shovel thin spots, groom, set track. 5 km., 350 feet of vertical, teaching lessons and renting skis. Upper trails are so thin and icy few venture up there. New snow for everyone forecasted will save the day and get everyone on skis. Late start! Happy Holidays.
Chip Chase7:06 am 15 January 2022

14 January 2022

We continue to shovel snow on our 5 km loops next to the lodge. Groomers smooth it all out and we are offering lessons, rentals, demos, cafe, snowshoe walks, and open daily all winter no matter the weather. Up to 4" snow in the high spruce above 4000 feet yet snowshoeing best way as it is icy and thin from heavy water damage last Sunday. Enjoy your holiday weekend and the rest of the winter. Chip and the WG crew
Chip Chase6:46 am 14 January 2022

13 January 2022

Snowfarm shoveled and groomed. Powder skiing for 2.5 miles along the windblown fences and drifts. Upper trails up to 5" yet icy and thin getting there and not recommended. Snowshoers are heading up there daily for the views, woods, and many shelters, usuallt after a loop or two along the snowfarm. Looks like more snow in the forecast and we hope all have a wonderful winter holiday weekend!
Chip Chase7:58 am 13 January 2022

12 January 2022

Snowfarm 5 km where we are shoveling and grooming...elsewhere either snowshoes, expert steel edges, or insane. Up to 6" snow in the best areas yet getting there and back a chore!
Chip Chase9:06 am 12 January 2022

11 January 2022

0"-6" snow on the mountain. Thin powder blew all over the place and we caught nice crop on the snowfarm last eve. Thin fast skiing elsewhere, most trails either closed or so thin uphill only. Snowshoeing is the way to go today! Looks like some light snow in next week and conditions can only improve.
Chip Chase9:10 am 11 January 2022

11 January 2022

Snowing at dark and the upper trails had 4" base so we may have the snowfarm and some other trails open.
Chip Chase12:28 am 11 January 2022

10 January 2022

It was good and then all the rain! Pic here of skiers Sunday chasing raindrops. Snowfarm and upper trails open yet icy although we expect new snows lightly all week. Promise to update conditions report online at WG website. Trying to figure out what has snow or not this morning. Cheers!
Chip Chase8:02 am 10 January 2022

9 January 2022

Raining and it will be fun to see what kind of snow will remain after today, colder this week and a chance of new snow will save the day. Big Saturday with lots of powder snow and sunny skiers everywhere. Happy winter to all!
Chip Chase9:14 am 9 January 2022

8 January 2022

14" snow packing to nice base with all 50 km open and setting track and rolling. Welcome to winter ski season everyone!
Chip Chase5:27 am 8 January 2022