Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

Wainer Park

Going to stay off the snow the next couple days. There is a solid base and I’m hoping it will survive the brief warmup and then I will groom sat or sun
Nathan Latimer7:26 pm 22 January 2020All reports for Wainer Park

Kooser State Park

Kooser has between 2-4 inches throughout the park and trails, mostly light fluffy powder.
Nate Hardic1:26 pm 21 January 2020All reports for Kooser State Park

White Grass

Just enough snow to fake ski...flurries and cold this am and we are again a free place to ski whenever conditions are this bad! Even so around 175 folks skied yesterday, mostly kids and parents and MLK holiday skiers sliding before going home. Snow is the forecast and best of a thin winter to all! Picture above Jason, head patroller finding some drifts along the old liftline.
Chip Chase8:19 am 21 January 2020All reports for White Grass

Laurel Mountain

4" fluffy powder over wet icy base. Poor skiing conditions but beautiful scenery. Sunny and snow covered laurel and tree branches. Keep doing that snow dance. Touch the picture and it rights itself.
Bruce Cox1:56 pm 20 January 2020All reports for Laurel Mountain

Oil Creek State Park

We only received about another inch or two of snow yesterday. The cold has helped to dry things up a bit so the trails are skiable but unfortunately not groomable.  We advise staying off the hills and suggest skiing the Blue and White trails on top. 
Margaret Sims7:50 am 20 January 2020All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Laurel Ridge

12/6 Concession not open. Trails skiable 50%. Use extreme caution on hills. Many bare spots and rocks. It is hunting season. Wear orange!
Erica Smith9:27 am 7 December 2019All reports for Laurel Ridge