Pine Creek Rail Trail (S)

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Pine Creek Rail Trail (S), Jersey Shore, PA
GPS: 41.224073, -77.325820

95 km of trails, some tracked for classic

The map location given is for the Whitetail parking lot, which has portaloos. It is 3 miles from the southern terminus in Jersey Shore. 

Pine Creek Rail Trail runs from Wellsboro Junction to Jersey Shore. It is groomed after significant snowfalls, with tracks set, as far south as Whitetail.  

Tioga State Forest grooms from Wellsboro Junction to Rattlesnake Rock, and Tiadaghton State Forest grooms from Rattlesnake Rock to Whitetail.  Trail conditions are posted at:

Pine Creek RailTrail  
Tioga SF
Tiadaghton SF

Map of parking lots and facilities They are also shown on Purple Lizard's Pine Creek map

Cross country ski gear can be rented from CS Sports in Wellsboro.

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