Hut to 5k - progressive lesson series

This year PACCSA is offering a short series of progressive lessons which aim to give a complete beginner the skills necessary to take on the 5k classic race at the PA nordic championships. These will be taught by Naomi Jarvis and Charlie Nash. 

The weather forecast for the first week of January is not good, so we are moving this back a week.

Lessons will be (ideally) on Saturday mornings of January 12, 19 and 26 at Laurel Ridge, but may involve travel elsewhere, eg Edinboro, Erie or Cleveland, if conditions are not great at the Ridge, or be postponed until Sunday if absolutely necessary. The cost is $30, which will be refunded in the form of a discount if the participant registers for the PA race, ie, if you sign up for graduation (the race), then this program is free! 

Participants should be reasonably active already, this is not a get-fit-on-skis program (that would be fun, but we don't have time).  A commitment to attend all 3 sessions and practice independently is both required and necessary for success. Participants must also be PACCSA members. For this new program to go ahead we need at least 3 people registered by Jan 10 (the maximum is 6). Contact us to ask for more details.

Regular PACCSA lessons will be scheduled on Sundays as usual - watch the events page for these.