Laurel Mountain Rapid Cleanup Request

Laurel Mountain suffered a massive ice storm last night.  Summit Road is closed shortly after Summit Ski Rd (which leads to the downhill resort), with fallen trees and wires down.  As a result, the grooming team hasn't been able to get to the trails to assess the situation, but they're assuming the trails will be covered with fallen trees and limbs.  They're going to need all of the help they can get to clear the trails before Thursday's storm, which is predicted to bring 8-12" of new snow to Laurel Mountain.  
If you are available to help out at Laurel Mountain tomorrow, please come up.  The snowmobile parking lot is accessible from Summit Rd, and is only a short walk away from the Warming Hut.  Do not use Linn Run Rd!  We plan to start from the Warming Hut at 10 AM.  We're assuming the trails are ice-laden, so bring hiking boots (and showshoes, if you have them) in case skiing isn't possible.  Also bring bow saws, loppers/clippers, work gloves, etc.