Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group Workday 10-6-12

The Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group (LMVG) held its final trail maintenance workday on Saturday October 6th. The LMVG was established to bring active outdoor groups that use the trails in the Forbes State Forests and Laurel Mountain together and work hand in hand to improve the trail system for all users. PACCSA was well represented and worked side by side with hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, and many other groups. Working together helps each group understand the different needs and wants to establish a common good. The LMVG is overseen by the Department of Natural Resources (DCNR) which supplies materials, tools, and helps supervise the various projects. The photos show how severe wet and muddy areas are raised up using logs, landscape cloth, and gravel and earth mix. Other groups installed new windows, steps, and other repairs to the warming hut. Groups worked on seeding and mulching new trails and installing drainage ditches to reduce erosion. Still other groups worked on cutting back green briars and refreshing the trail blazes. More information can be found at the DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, Laughlintown, PA or by calling 724-238-1200. Thanks to all the volunteers and DCNR personnel for their efforts.