PA Nordic Challenge 2021 week 2

There are 23 unique challengers that have logged activity, the total so far is 564 km.
Saturday 16 Jan was the busiest day, with 9 people logging a combined 67 km of skiing (skate plus classic).

At the end of week 2 Alan Hough was leading the total distance chart with 147km, chased from afar by Naomi Jarvis with 74km and then the main pack, Mike Lubich with 39km, Jim Anglin with 37km and Deb Lubich with 31km.  Naomi leads the time rankings with 827 minutes, followed by Alan with 714 mins, Brent Lahaie at 645 mins, Mike Lubich at 458 mins and Deb Lubich at 427 mins.  The totals are combined from all of the activities, skiing, Nordic Track, running and hiking with poles, etc, one of us only discovered the resistance adjuster on the Nordic Track last week(!) and it's all for fun, training and the love of xc skiing.  

Jan 31st is the last day to sign up for the PA Nordic challenge