PA Nordic Challenge 2021 week 3

With the holiday Monday and bounteous snow over much of PA, this was a prolific week for skiing.  So far we have logged a total of 838 km!  Most people are classic skiing on groomed trails, but the most km have been logged skating.  Our leaders in both time and distance are Alan Hough, with 270 km and 23h logged, trailed by Naomi Jarvis with 106 km and 22h.  Riccardo Monaco is 3rd in distance with 94km and Brent Lahaie is 3rd in time logged, with 14h.  We're almost at the halfway point and most of the challengers are making steady progress towards their goal. Expect a longer update next week. 

It's still possible to start and complete the PA Nordic challenge on time.  The last day to sign up for it is Jan 31st.