PA Nordic Challenge 2021 week 4

PA Nordic Challenge photos week 4

We're now halfway through the Challenge Period; 37 people have logged a total of 1464 km and 280 hours of skiing, and 5 people have completed the challenge!  The first 3 challenge finishers are Alan Hough, Deb Lubich and Mike Lubich - congrats!  There was a little jostling in the leaderboards - Alan Hough is safely distanced from the pack with an amazing 340km, followed by Riccardo Monaco with 156km and Naomi Jarvis with 119km.  Alan also leads the time chart at 30h, followed now more closely by Naomi at 26h, and Elly Fisher and Brent Lahaie both at 17h.  

A closer look at the data reveals that by far most of the activities involved snow, this is what we dreamed of but never dared to hope for, and the most popular activity is classic skiing on groomed trails.  So far, only one person resorted to running with poles, and another 3 went rollerskiing.  The speed charts show that rollerskiing is considerably faster than the other activity averages (most probably the rollerskiers), and that the Nordic walkers travel faster than the average classic skier on a groomed trail.