Summer training

Skiers are made in the summer - well, summer is nearly on the way out, what have you been doing?  Let's see some training photos here (use the contact form to ask for our email address) or on facebook.  So far we have evidence of summer training from:

Jason Zimmerman, on his way to winning the ACA Master's Crit Series with the Freddie Fu Cycling Team,

James Fenn, after a rollerski session with the London Cross Country Ski Club in July,

Jim Anglin, crossing the finish line of the Mt Davis challenge in August,

Joanna Margaret, working on core strength and agility, fire hooping in August,

Kelly Kruper and Megan, after the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May,

Robert Kaschak, at the Laurel Hill Adventure Race in July, photo by Alberto Van Hecke Photography,

Michael Pellow, Terry Kelly and Mark Spear of the MAMILs, after the first day of the MS150 ride in June,

Beth Beech, working on her balancing skills at Pittsburgh's Open Streets event in July,

Ted Ferringer and Naomi Jarvis, during a surprise rollerskier encounter on the Allegheny River Valley trail in July.