Summer training - 2016 edition

Dave and Mark after riding to Mars and back
Stand up paddleboarding
Beach skiing
Jim pedalling uphill
Robert with adventure race medal
Rollerski race start

What did you do as summer training? 

So far we have evidence of Dave Helwig and Mark Spear cycling to Mars to find a flying saucer, Nancy and Addy Barnes getting a SUP workout, Carlton Ketchum striding along the Eliza Furnace trail in Pittsburgh, beach skiing from Naomi Jarvis (there wasn't enough snow in PA last winter), Jim Anglin on a gut-busting bike race in WV, Robert Kaschak with his medal from the Pittsburgh Adventure Triathlon, and James Fenn in the start lines for a rollerski race.

Let's see what everyone else has been getting up to.   If you have any pictures to share, please send us a note!