Thank You PACCSA Volunteers!

Last Saturday was a perfect day for a trail clear.  More than a dozen PACCSA volunteers participated in backbreaking trail work at the Laurel Ridge XC Ski Center on a sunny and seasonable fall day.  Crews worked from 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM to remove fallen trees, large limbs and other debris from the trail system, most of which came down during the powerful Halloween-night storm.  Additionally, clogged drainage ditches and culverts were cleared of leaves and other debris.  Afterwards, everyone had a great time telling their favorite skiing stories during the BBQ.

PACCSA extends a special thanks to the following volunteers who helped get the Laurel Ridge trail system ready for the 2013/2014 snow season!

Mike Blessington, Bruce Cox, Norb Duritsa, James Fenn, Naomi Jarvis, Jim Logan, Bob Mazur, Jim South, Matthew South & Traci Torrence.  Also, thank you Julianna Murin & family for doing the final mop-up!

Hope to see everyone skiing in the coming weeks!