Upcoming PACCSA volunteer work days and Ski Swap!

Winter is coming, and it's time to get the trails ready before the snow arrives!  PACCSA is planning trail work at the Laurel Mountain Nordic Trails on Saturday November 4th, and at the Laurel Ridge XC Ski Center on Sunday November 19th.  Food will be provided for volunteers at both trail clears.  A free trail pass will be given to all volunteers who attend the Laurel Ridge trail clear.  In addition, PACCSA will be holding a Ski Swap during the Laurel Ridge trail clear.  Read on for more information:    

Laurel Mountain Trail Clear:  Saturday, November 4th at from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join PACCSA at the Laurel Mountain warming hut at 10 AM for a fun, family centered trail clear.  The primary goal is to take a light-paced hike of the trails and remove any fallen limbs and debris that could get caught up in our grooming equipment when the snow arrives.  We plan to finish around noon time and will be providing a hearty lunch of soups and snacks!  Feel free to bring something to share!

Laurel Ridge Trail Clear and Ski Swap :  Sunday, November 19th from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

This will be a geat day for anyone who loves to ski in the Laurel Highlands.  We'll be kicking off the day at 10:00 AM with an all-day Ski Swap in the upper warming hut.  Do you have ski equipment that you never use or doesn't fit right?  Bring it along and maybe you'll find it a new home.  Looking for reasonably priced gear?  Come take a look to see what's on offer!  This is a free event for anyone interested.   

After you check out the Ski Swap, team up with PACCSA, the Laurel Ridge Ski Concession and DCNR for some trail work at Laurel Ridge.  We'll be focusing on cleaning out drainage pipes and culverts, stacking firewood for the warming huts, and picking up fallen limbs and debris from the trails.  There is a lot of ground to cover at Laurel Ridge, so we can use all of the help we can get!   All volunteers for the Laurel Ridge trail clear will receive one free ski pass.  In addition, upon the conclusion of the trail clear, the Laurel Ridge Ski Concession will be holding a pizza party with appetizers and drinks at the Lucky Dog Cafe in nearby Confluence, PA.   

Notes for all trail work volunteers -  Please bring work gloves and hand tools such as loppers, clippers, bow saws, and rakes.  If you don't have any of these tools, don't worry!  There will be plenty of extras.  Dress appropriately for the weather, and since PACCSA trail clears take place during hunting season, DCNR asks that everyone please wear bright, visible clothing. With everyone's help, we'll have all of the trails clean and clear for the season's first big snowfall!