PA Nordic Challenge 2021 #PANordic2021

For the 2020-2021 ski season, the PACCSA Board propose the PA Nordic Challenge, which will take place from Jan 1 to Feb 28. 

The PA Nordic Challenge is to complete a number of ski-based activities as described below,
making a training log entry for each one.  Upon successful completion of the challenge,
PACCSA members will be rewarded with an embroidered patch. 
There will also be some special prizes for various categories, to be announced. 
Thanks to 3ROC, Cycle Sport and Ski and Thick Bikes for donating challenge swag!

  • Renew your PACCSA membership
  • Contact us to register for the challenge, before February, and look for an email in reply.
  • Perform 8 or more separate training sessions of qualifying activities, each 30 minutes or more.
  • Follow the directions provided by email to make a training log entry for each qualifying workout. 
  • Provide a photo to go with each training log entry, as evidence.  You do not need to be in the photo.  
  • The qualifying activities are: nordic skiing, rollerskiing, CAT skiing, nordic track, ski-erg, and walking or running with poles.
  • You do not have to do all of these.  
  • Only those performed within the challenge period, Jan 1 to Feb 28, will count towards the challenge.
  • You can log as many workouts as you like, but only 2 per week will count towards the challenge.
  • Optional: log extra workouts before or after the challenge period, just for fun. 
  • Optional: post your photos on social media, with hashtag #PANordic2021
  • Upon completion of the challenge, contact us again, tell us your age and mailing address. 
  • Celebrate when your patch arrives!

The aim of the challenge is to keep us all focused on keeping active and either cross-country skiing or doing something like it throughout the season, and to have fun.  The photos could be of anything associated with the day's training, provided they are suitable for public viewing.  They will be displayed on the website for motivation and inspiration (see below).  We will have some kind of weekly leaderboard showing the top few people in various categories (most likely km or hours) but the details from the training log will not be visible on the website - the only information displayed with the photos is the caption, and that's optional. 

PA Nordic 2021

Night skiing in my yard!

Night skiing in my yard!

Trapp Lodge Vermont - Outdoor Center

Ski poles make running uphill fun

trekking in a rain that might have been 12" of white stuff!

Testing the medal after their virtual Barne Birkie!

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Last Yellowjackets Coaching Day at LM (photo credit Trautman)

Yellowjackets race sprints!

Yellowjackets race sprints!

Getting his "Hop, Hop, Hop" award!

Ski-to Beer House/Stowe Vermont

Laurel Mountain

YellowJackets in the Mist

YellowJackets Race at Laurel Mountain

Rainy but FUN day at the Helipad!

Final Yellowjackets session of 2021!!

Laurel Mountain, lots of snow even in the rain. Three cheers for skiing every weekend to date of 2021

Doing a 1k “time trial” to finish off the season

Likely our last 20/21 family ski at Wilderness

One last lap to end this AWESOME ski season!

Thawing fast. Might be last snow!

Ski-to Cabin at Trapp Family Lodge

Icy paws.

Frozen Greene River Trail

Snow is going pretty fast.

Virtual Gatineau with ice, slush, dodging trees and picking up sticks

Bluebird day at Seven Springs

sunset over Stowe Valley

Jail Trail roller ski

Miracle! Skis spontaneously form selves into tribute to Challenge!

Laurel Mountain lots of ice

Melting snow at Laurel Ridge

Chunky Monkey Crust

NordicTrack Chambersburg IBU inspiration

Hope this counts as a Nordic walk! But no poles for our 6 year old.

Climbing up the hills on the East side of Wilderness

Another Saturday, another Yellowjackets session...

Tough conditions, but great to be out

Dynamite shack at New Germany State Park

New Germany State Park

Another perfect winter day at Wilderness

My first roller ski!

New Germany State Park w Sandy and Holly

Skiing, sledding & Campfire!

A beautiful new spot shared by friends

Bluebird day skiing with friends!

Laurel Ridge (Feb 21)

Art Roscoe Ski Trails

Snow falling off the trees

Laurel Ridge

Amazing day of skiing, sledding, and sitting around a campfire!

Skating crust at sunset. A scene to remember next summer.

Laurel Ridge

A Zhavago morning on Laurel Ridge

2021 PA Nordic Challenge completed!

Making tracks to far hill &silos St Thomas PA

Laurel Ridge (Feb 20)

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

I'm in the background!

Yellowjackets practice!

Practicing on the Lesson Field at The Ridge

Laurel Mountain - so much snow! Some groomed some not

LR Yellowjackets Day

Taking a break in the "Mobile Warming Hut."

Couldn’t have been prettier on the Red Loop at Laurel Ridge

Cold and beautiful Yellow Trail at Laurel Ridge

Beautiful but tough skating trail at Laurel Ridge

Winter wonderland at Laurel Ridge, the snow clung to all sides of the trees

Beautiful snow at Laurel Ridge!!!

Conemaugh Dam - West Penn Trail

The golden hour at Laurel Ridge

Apres XC in parking lot

Great day for YellowJackets!

Racing Yellowjackets!

Duck Hollow trail opened up, but thankfully did not eat us

Wilderness Wonderland

Farm machinery: everything looks better in snow!

File foto of same setup used in park to do laps 2/19

Skiing down the sledding hill at Frick Park

Slow bushwhacking at Media Heights GC

Amazing snow at Laurel Ridge!

Cleared branches at Laurel Ridge...

Emergency Trail Work at Laurel Mountain after Ice Storm!!

Bethel Branch of Montour had a nice Classic track

This section of Montour was good for a polling clinic.

Terrifying ice under-ski, beautiful sky overhead.

Cleared branches from Laurel Ridge Red Loop

Clearing ice-damage branches from the Red Loop!

Very fast crust, but OK to edge

Hartwood Acres, I think next time I'll avoid the mtn bike trails on ice

Blustery day...went on LHHT bc too icy to ski

Night Skiing in the South Hills

NordicTrack Chambersburg 2.26.21

Great skiing on our property!


Serpentine Drive

couldn't be more perfect!

PA Nordic Waxing Challenge

Frick Park on President’s Day

Smooth skate skiing in Frick Park

Me (barely visible) and my Junior Coaches at Yellowjackets Session #6!

Lots of new snow at Laurel Mountain

Icy crust - wow!


Laurel Ridge (Feb 14)

More stopping than skiing

Virtual Gatineau Loppet at Laurel 1st 25K!

skis are having fun this year!

Spruce Run Trail

Yellowjackets practice!

Yellowjackets practice!

Laurel Mountain Yellowjackets Day

Towhee and Silvermine at Laurel Mtn

Yellowjackets at Laurel Mountain!!

Ready for Wildcats/Frostbites

Ready for Wildcats/Blizzards

Great day at Laurel Mountain!

Hoarfrost at Laurel Ridge

Beautiful and cold Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain - Laurel Summit - Linn Run Rd

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

Churchill Valley Greenway

Just East of Pittsburgh (200mi.). Powder inches on crust - skateable

Making tracks on family farm St Thomas PA

Backcountry skiing!

Eye ski you!

Nordic Track

Schenley Park

Trails at Oil Creek are in good shape!

Schenley golf course with my boy

2 inches new powder on top of crust.

Cutting a new path in Franklin Co.

Making tracks at Laurel Ridge

Churchill Valley CC night ski

Mid-week snow day with my son!

Mid-week snow day ski action!

Night ski at Churchill Country Club. No lights needed on a cloudy new moon night.

Pleasant Ridge Park with a pleasant pup

I'm joining a country club! The Churchill Country Club!

Ski angel

Oops. Wrong turn.

Working on downhill skills!

Wilderness is hoping for lots of skiers this weekend

WHT--packed down better today

Ibberson Conservation Area, DCNR, Dauphin County

Art Roscoe cross country ski Center in New York

Bear claw marks

WHT--soft snow

Skiing on E Carson St (YES!)

Crust very skateable at Baker Field

West Creek Recreational Trail | Emporium, PA

Epic city ski around Schenley and back to Friendship

Practicing tele turns out the front door


Skiing at Sugarloaf!

more fresh snow

Trunk shot for illustration only. Crust skiing at F&M

Perfectly consistent and fast crust on the driving range

Menoher Rd w Barry

We found our own pines for the Virtual 10k

White Pine Stampede Virtual 10K

Knox & Kane Rail Trail | Mt. Jewett to Kinzua Bridge Trail - Birding after a ski

Stream crossing

North Woods Warming Hut

Deep snow, steep hills, what a blast!

too chilly to take gloves off

Snow was falling off the trees

Beginner lessons

Wolf's rock with the family!

Snack break

Laurel Ridge

Wood and Wax

Overlook Park skating. Meeting more and more skiers.

I'm in the background!

New Germany state park with Sandy and Cynthia

Coaching Yellowjackets then a Ski on the Red at Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge Yellowjackets Session #5!

Social Distancing with the Track-Attack Pack!

Taking a bit out of the Orange at Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

Sunshine and skiing = best combo

Day 8 of skiing every day!

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

He took off across the frozen tundra at Wilderness!

A cold, blue day for Wildcats

2800 ft at Laurel Ridge

Fantastic day exploring Laurel Summit

Blue sky day

Wildcats Crazy Hat Day

Beautiful day at Blue Knob

Laurel Ridge Red Loop

Crust skiing at Overlook Park, Lancaster

Nordic Track

Nordic Track

LAUREL Ridge with Tom at night

Night skiing

Night skiing

Bluebird skating session. Can there be too much of this?

Skating in Duff Park

Tracks at Wilderness

Skating with Michele the Groomer at Overlook GC

Offshoot from Westmoreland Heritage Trail--Duff Park

blue skies and frosted trees

Getting Tom out at Laurel Ridge

Tough going on lots of new snow at Northwoods

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Laurel Mountain (Feb 3) DP

sunshine & fresh tracks =Wilderness Heaven

Skating at Overlook Park GC - freshly groomed

Overlook freshly groomed. Classic with Buddy Bruce

North park skyline meadow

North Woods at night w TrailMix

Laurel Ridge

Snow labyrinth

beautiful and windy south park golf course ski

Freshly groomed golf course

Groundhog Day Ski

Oil Creek valley overlook. 2/2/2021.

Ground Hog Day

He saw his shadow!

Overlook Park with friends

Shawmut Trail / Poor Farm | Smethport, PA

Laurel Mountain (Feb 1)

Great tracks!

golf course ski -Erie

4 laps Buchanan Park

Skiing ungroomed areas Cburg in the Nor'Easter

Nice ski with a great friend on the south side trail

Laurel Mountain

Allegheny State Park

Coaching Yellowjackets then a Ski on the Red at Laurel Ridge

First time at laurel ridge!

Enjoying winter with friends

Ski from home on fresh snow!

Ridge Ski--Nice Conditions--Jan. 31

Morning at Wilderness

NordicTrack US Team on TV

Night skiing!

Night skiing at Laurel Ridge

Taught my friend how to XC ski!

Did some loops around the hut after YJ's at LR

Night and day skis!

10yo skates the whole red loop!

Exploring after Wildcats

Exploring the East side of Wilderness

Wilderness with the Family

Yellowjackets Practice!

Yellowjackets Practice!

found a buddy to ski with at Pleasant Ridge Park -Erie area

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

Oil Creek Park, 1-30-21

Out with the kids to Laurel Ridge

Brought a friend today!

Mountain View Trail, North Woods

Allegheny State Park

ready for what ever I find

Laurel Ridge (Jan 29)

Nordic Track

Nordic Track

Laurel Mountain

Great snow at Laurel Mountain!

snowy cold day, but fun to check out Edinboro

NordicTrack Chambersburg

Winona State Forest NYS - 2 feet of snow on the trails!


Workout may not qualify; just wanted to upload photo

Great snow at Wilderness

Skating with KNG group at Osceola

Osceola NYS

River Trail

River Trail

Snow falling on Mountain View Trail, North Woods

Ski buddy practicing ready position at Kooser

Wildcats at Wilderness

First day of Wildcats at Wilderness

Altmar NY

family red + purple loops at laurel ridge

Classic fun in Roaring Run - a big adventure trail

Mostly skate with a very short classic ski

Laurel Ridge

Attempting an actual trail with the kiddo at LR

Training mode...

Exploring a spooky forest...

first time skating the whole red loop!

giraffe trees

Laurel Ridge red loop

Fast snow, and squeaky too

First ski at Northwoods!

Deb & Mike

Mike & Deb

Westline Cross-country Ski trail | Sinking into fresh snow, mouse tracks across path

Nordic Ironman

Greene River Trail

Rollerski (skate)

Uniondale to Herrick Meeting NEPA Rail to Trails!

Uniondale to Herrick Meeting NEPA Rail to Trails!

Knox & Kane Rail Trail | Mt. Jewett to Kinzua Bridge Trail

Roaring Run

made my own trail for the return

XC bliss at Highland Forest

made my own trail for the return

Laurel ridge with the kids!

Playing at laurel ridge

Skied over to visit the alpine ski lodge while out at Laurel Mountain

Laurel Ridge

Ridge Jan. 18--skate not to mention a little classic

Leading the Yellowjacket swarm!

Art Roscoe Trails at Allegheny State Park - Great Skiing!

Thank God for lake effect snow!

Laurel Ridge fun

ski buddy enjoying the blue loop hill at laurel ridge

Wilderness with the Boys

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

Laurel Ridge

Snow snake

First north woods ski

Yellowjackets Practice!

Yellowjackets Practice!

The best new place to XC ski, Osceola Ski & Sport

My ski buddy out on the trail at LR

Laurel Ridge

Took the blue loop and red loop with the kids

Skiing 'round with some buddies!!


Laurel Ridge

Hike at Riverview Park

Nordic Hill

Greene River Trail south

Knox & Kane Rail Trail | Mt. Jewett to Kinzua Bridge Trail

Nordic Track

Grove City Roller Ski Route.

Ridge Skate Jan. 12

Susquehannock / Denton Hill trails, first time xc skiing on with hills! (Phew)

Greene River Trail

Sunny Monday

Great day!

Skiing while looking up!

Beautiful frost on the tree tops at laurel ridge

Hard work to keep up with a skate skier

Greene River

Greene River

My son striding along at Blue Knob

Northwoods with the family!

Laurel Ridge - skating and picking up sticks

Yellowjackets Practice!

Yellowjackets Practice!

Skiing with the Yellowjackets at LR

Lotsa Bunnies!

Car stuck in snow? Go skiing instead!

Beautiful day at Laurel Ridge!

Skiing with the kids at Blue Knob

I forget to snap a photo while hiking so this will have to do...

North Woods

Knox & Kane Rail Trail | Mt. Jewett to Kinzua Bridge Trail

Basement Nordic Track

Retro Nordic Track

Big wheel rollerski day

Next time I'll switch the heating off first

Rollerski Jan. 7

Greene River Trail

Greene River Trail

Scenic Pine Creek Valley, and our longest ski ever.

Found a snow shelter in the woods

It did not rain all day

Starting the New Year off right!

New Year’sDay ski

Sunrise view on the drive up to Wilderness.